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Vehicle defect

A detailed investigation and report to expert witness standards to confirm specific body or mechanical defects.

Useful for resolving disputes.

As recommended by Trading Standards, Citizens Advice and solicitors.


A complete accident damage assessment includes confirming damage and the cost of repairs, providing a condition appraisal and a valuation of the vehicle.

The full report includes recomendations for settlement.

As used by insurance companies, fleets, solicitors and private customers in need of a qualified accident damage assessment.

Post repair

An appraisal of mechanical or bodywork repairs to confirm the vehicle has been repaired to the manufacturer's standard.

Useful for peace of mind, resolving disputes. and confirming to insurers repairs have been completed


An inspection used to confirm or dispute a collision with another vehicle.

This is an increasingly popular service used by

insurance companies and private customers to prove or disprove alleged accident circumstances.

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